Choosing an Airport Limo Service

Airport transportation services are available in several options including mass transit, car rental and public and private transport vehicles. Often when visitors arrive in a new city following a flight, they require a train, shuttle, bus, taxi or limo service to transport them to their destination. Many passengers choose waiving down a taxi or standing in the taxi line which can take a significant amount of time depending on the airport.

The best option is choosing an airport limo service which is reliable, prompt and pleasant. They are typically waiting with your name on a sign at the arrivals gate. However, there are many limo service options available, especially in larger cities where there is a high demand. To narrow down your choice, there are a few tips for selecting an airport limo service, including:

Limousine Affordability

One of the most important factors when selecting an airport limo service is cost. Obviously all passengers want the lowest cost option while still arriving in-style. App-based ride sharing services have unavoidable surge rates during peak times which can account for two-to-three times the normal fare. With an airport limo service, there are no peak time surcharges.


Another critical factor is the availability of the service. You want to hire a limo service company that is available at a set time to pick you up at the airport. Many services have guaranteed on-time pickup and advanced scheduling features so there are no issues.

Limo Booking Process

Although this may go without saying, take note of how you are treated when booking the limo service. If you receive poor customer service, it is usually an indicator that your car experience will not be any better. Poor customer service moves across multiple functions in business.

Client Testimonials

Check the company’s website or other user-rated websites to read client feedback on the cost, service level, professionalism, booking process, flexibility and safety. This will give you excellent insight to the way in which the limo service operates.

Driver Screening

Driver screening has been a hot topic recently due to several incidents involving ride share drivers. To ensure your safety, check the driver screening process with different car services. The more thorough the background checks, the more comfortable you will feel with using this service.


While on the road, you should search for a company that is flexible for your changing schedule by looking at their wait time and cancellation policies. The final bill can really add up as a result of a delayed flight. It is helpful if travelers can change their schedule via smartphone app or even just call the airport limo service to make the change with a cost impact.


One factor that is commonly overlooked when selecting a service is safety precautions taken by the business. It is essential to determine if the service has the proper insurance, license and employee screening policy. Additionally, they must be licensed to operate and the vehicles must have insurance that protect you in the case of an accident

It is not unreasonable to ask about each of these points when booking your limo service. Companies unwilling to provide the answers to your questions should not be considered. Once you find an airport limo service that is reliable, you can alleviate the ground transportation stress next time you fly.