How do Millennials Define Luxury Travel?

Traveling is probably one of the most popular hobbies among millennials. A lot has been said concerning how members of the millennial generation differ from previous generations when it comes to their travel experiences. This generation comprises tech-savvy, spirited, and highly confident individuals who are always ready to explore the world and unravel new opportunities.

Traveling is undoubtedly one of the ways that you can use to achieve this. If you are a millennial, you are likely to have a different perception of the travel market from your parents. This is because the market is moving online as a result of social media and other online platforms, which have made luxury travel more important.

Millennials and Luxury Travel

Your parents probably have a laid back and somewhat old-school perception towards luxury travel. To them, traveling luxuriously involves stuffy hotel furnishings, respectful greetings, and butlers in tuxedos. This is totally different from what you regard as luxury travel. Most likely, you will consider exclusive and unique experiences over luxurious comfort. Failure to find designer soap and shampoos won’t probably bother you. Instead, you are likely to prefer shampoos made from local ingredients. Here are some of the things that distinguish you from older travel fanatics.

Living It Up

It has been reported that millennials revel in seeking experiences that make them feel different from the rest of the pack. You may look a little bit narcissistic by spending money on things that make you feel special. In as much as you may feel optimistic about the future, your traveling experiences reflect the fact that the current moment means more to you. Living it up means you are a spontaneous traveler who is out to meet new people during your excursions.

Social Media

Since members of your generation dominate social media, you are also likely to use these platforms to choose your preferences when it comes to catering. Information mined from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat influence your traveling decisions. Magazines, shows, and blogs also inspire your preferences. For instance, you are likely to visit countries such as Iceland, Malta, and Northern Ireland simply because they have been featured in popular movie, Game of Thrones.

In a bid to cater for members of your generation, establishments and destinations are increasingly trying to follow and watch whatever influential lifestyle and bloggers post on their sites. This helps them understand your preferences more. It is for this reason that establishments and destinations currently offer memorable moments for millennial travelers. Besides this, lifestyle and traveling bloggers are increasingly being hosted at these establishments and destinations so that the services offered are marketed to the target market, which basically is members of the millennial generation.

To penetrate the largely untapped market, destinations are advised to not only host excursions for millennial influencers but also consider the number of followers that these influencers have on social media. Thereafter, they should share the aesthetic aspects of their products and services because this is the surest way of reaching the millennials.

The Place of the African Continent

Despite its huge potential, Africa still lags behind when it comes to luxury travel among millennials. Luckily, Internet penetration is changing the situation because millennials are also expanding their knowledge about Africa and its diversity. In this regard, destinations ought to streamline their products to work for them. The easiest way of doing this is by showcasing them through eye-catching and creative imagery and writing. This outside-the-box perspective will make traveling more memorable, more so among members of the adventurous generation that you are part of.

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