The Age of the Airport Limo Service


When people are looking for an airport limo or airport limo service, a new set of businesses start popping up in their search. They start running into many services that have appeared over the past few years known in the business world as “driver on demand” or “taxi on demand”. These services claim smaller fees and started from a single business and while the business model started as a sound idea, it simply doesn’t work out in such a way that a customer should feel safe.

Companies of this type are literally matching two total strangers. A business that has hired a “driver” based upon uploaded credentials and sometimes a minor background check is matching a customer that needs transportation and this “driver”. Businesses like this are designed to replace legitimate airport limo services. Anyone that is tempted to use these services must know that despite any real security precautions the business has taken, there is no substitute for true licensing and face to face employee/business relations.

In addition to the lack of security, there is also the lack of proper insurance checks. Even the best and most well trained driver has to deal with other drivers on the road and that can mean an unavoidable accident. A proper airport limousine transportation business is backed by multiple forms of insurance. Full coverage is carried on each vehicle and driver and that is backed by large amounts of liability insurance. If a driver or client was ever injured, the best medical will be made available. No one can be sure of anything when using an app and a matched driver.

Even on demand companies that really try to handle the insurance issue cannot insure that the drivers in multiple cities are providing real insurance documentation. Insurance cards typically are provided by the insurance company for a six month period and that means that a customer that has made only one insurance payment can appear to have valid auto insurance for six months. Limousine services are dealing with employees that are local and can make sure that the paperwork is perfect.

Even if all precautions are taken, the laws are quickly changing in an effort to make these new businesses as safe as possible. Most of the new laws are being passed on the county and city level which makes it impossible for a global business to keep track of all the changes. Anyone hiring an on demand driver may find themselves waiting on the side of the road if their driver gets pulled over and the new laws have made their job obsolete.

What is the safest way to go?

It is simple. The first step is proper preparation. Most people have bought their airlines tickets well in advance and at the same time reserved a hotel room if needed. It only takes an extra few seconds to reserve the right airport limousine service. A limousine service is also valuable when visiting a busy city or a large city as there may have not been a free limo or taxi without a reservation. This can also help keep a person from getting lost when arriving at the airport, as the limo service knows when you are arriving and can meet and assist you. Plus limo and real taxi services can pick you up in more convenient spots at the airport, as on demand services are forced to follow the same parking and pick up rules as normal drivers.

Once finding a free limo or meeting the reserved limousine, make sure that you quickly check the licensing and insure that it is correct, up to date and refers to the driver that is there. Never listen to a driver that claims a lost or stolen permit and has a permit from another person. Some people think that checking the license is not needed when the limo was reserved. They figure that if a limo is looking for them by name, they must be legit. There are countless ways that a computer or mobile phone can be compromised and that information stolen and that is the perfect time for a crime to take place.

Last, but not least, never share a limo with a stranger. This is especially true for women and people far from home. It is too easy for a person to hop in beside you and ride with you to your hotel, even paying for their part of the ride. Within those few minutes of driving a person can gather enough information about you to become a real danger. Luggage tags, airplane tickets peeking out of a pocket or purse can give your name and they went to the hotel with you, so they know where you are staying. You can never be too careful.

I thought this trip was supposed to be fun?

All of this makes a trip out of town and a limo ride sound like a very stressful thing. It is not. With a little common sense, there is no danger at all. And the fact is that a person can have a great time because an airport limo is an inexpensive way to get right into the vacation, business trip or whatever. Most people count on the first and last days of the trip as wasted on the travel and getting settled. Using an airport limo, a person can be from the airport to the hotel and in their room very quickly and get on with the business of having a good time.